Kumitachi done by Lewis Bernaldo de Quiros

Kumitachi sequence done by Lewis Bernaldo de Quiros (Friesland, february 2015)

The kumitachi came originally from an old sword school. They were modified to include the concept of Aiki by the founder. There are many possible variations of the kumitachi. The variations used with ken but are soon adapted to taijutsu. Before starting to practice kumitachi you should have a strong understanding of suburi or the practice will be useless. Therefore if you would like to practice kumitachi. Practice a lot of suburi first so that you can feel te connection and relaxation in you body as really useful.

Ichi no kumitachi

Ni no kumitachi

San no kumitachi

Yon no kumitachi

Go no kumitachi


Kumitachi 1 – Takemusu Aikido Alkmaar

Dear Aikidoka,

last week we started with the Kumitachi number one. We will slowly progress thru the different steps of this beautiful sword form. Take it slow with precise footwork is the goal. There are no short cuts to good awase. You have to go thru all your layers and hopefully crash a couple of times, so that you understand there is more work to be done. Enjoy the ride it will take a lifetime. Timing and movement is most important.

In Aiki, Bushin


Game B

Goodafternoon Aikidoka.

Wednesday evening is was training with a student of mine. He did really well. We tried something new for him, so also to teach it for me was also new. I was playing around with game a and b from Peter Ralston. It’s like trying to take eachothers centre without using force, but only precise footwork and placing your balance and uproot the other person. Looking forward to do this more often.


It’s a lot fun, to try not to use force. If you get punching in, the grabbing becomes less and it’s quit distracting actually. Until next time. Check out the website www.aikidoalkmaar.nl

In Aiki. Bushin

Budo – Takemusu Aikido Alkmaar

Goodafternoon Aikidoka,

The last view weeks i have been working on the website. It fun to work and see the improvement. That is also what i have been seeing with the students training in my dojo. It’s amazing to see them train and work. The dojo has been going for almost 3,5 years. A great experience. Everything is going really quickly. In a few months i will look and see how is going to take his of her kyu grade. Hope that everybody will keep training and working. A beautiful to keep working on and reach a higher level. We have to look at the future and see that we really would like to keep working seriously on BUDO. We will see what the future will bring.

A nice thing to keep working on.

In Aiki, Bushinmultistijlendag 2014 2

Takemusu Aikido Alkmaar New Year frontier


Goodevening Aikidoka,

We are on the fontier of a new year with a lot of new wishes and changes that will take place!!
I hope that everybody can make his of her wish come true!! Hope to see a lot of devoted aikido people on
that mat to train there brains out and become really good!

See everybody again soon on the mat!! Have a good year of the horse!!

Greetings Aikidoka

In Aiki, Bushin!!

Kagami biraki


Goodafternoon Aikidoka,

There are so many things you can watch and study. You can practise almost all the time. I hope that everybody will take it to hart. There are so many ways to study and work. For every person there are different ways and directions. I hope that everybody will find there perfect way or not, but to work with yourself, to become a better person martial and with your family and friends.

I think it will make it fun to start up with a kagami biraki. This is where you show your progress to everybody training in the dojo. But it’s must of all a celebration of the new year. But with this celebration you also give sake and eat mochi.

Lets have a good year!! See you all monday and wednesday!!

In Aiki, Bushin